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Hessian Soldiers Guarding Trenton
Hessian Soldiers in Trenton


In early December of 1776 things looked bad for the American colonist in their fight for independence from Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War. In fact they had lost one battle after another and were forced to abandon New York City and retreat through New Jersey into Pennsylvania. The morale of the Continental Army was low and it seemed the short lived rebellion of the American colonist would soon be over. General George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army, was not the type of commander to give up easily. He devised a plan to launch a surprise attack against the enemy which would result in the Battle of Trenton. Every kid in America who has ever taken a U.S. history class has learned how this battle gave renewed hope to the Americans in their struggle for independence. The list of interesting facts below provides information including how the Americans won the Battle of Trenton, where it was fought, and who the commanders were.

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